Pre-Wetting Equipment & Custom Systems

Pre-wetting is the application of de-icing liquids that are sprayed directly onto the sand or salt mixtures as they are being applied to the road via a sanding broadcaster. The liquids stick to the dry material and keep it from bouncing off the road saving 30 % of the dry product and make the material more effective at controlling the snow and ice accumulation. Let us help you configure a system 

Pick a system, pick a pump, and pick a controller to make up a system that suits your specific needs!


The first step is to choose a tank to fit your size and needs for your pre-wetting system. The tanks usually run from 30 gallon to 200 gallon and custom sizes are available upon request. When choosing your tank think how you are going to be mounting it to your truck. The mounting options include but not limited to are chassis, frame, tailgate and v-box. If you have any questions please give us a call at 800.706.5060.

Tailgate Mounted Tanks

Tailgate mounted tanks are inside a steel frame that can easily be mounted to the tailgate of the truck and taken on and off with ease. The tank is fully supported by the frame and pressure treated lumber to last for years. Plumbing can be set up right on the tank directly above your spinner for quick application. Standard tank sizes are 100 & 200 gallons; more options are available per request.

Frame Mounted Tanks

Frame mounted tanks are often mounted directly to the frame of the truck using brackets and bands/hoops. Pumping equipment can be mounted on top of the tank, the side of the dump body or near the cab to provide protection and easy access for maintenance and service. Standard tank sizes are 30, 60, 70 & 125 gallons; more options are available per request.

Chassis Mounted Tanks

Chassis mounted tanks are designed to fit between the cab or the truck and the dump body. The pump is often then mounted on the side of the dump body or next to the tank. Standard tank sizes are 35, 55 & 65 gallons; more options are available per request.

V-Box Mounted Tanks

V-Box tanks are designed in a triangular shape to fit comfortably around a sander or hopper. V-Box units can be setup for a single or dual application. In dual application the two tanks would be plumbed together forcing the liquid to be drawn evenly to maintain the proper weight distribution on the truck. Standard tank sizes are 80 & 100 gallons; more options are available per request.

Pre-Wetting System Pump

The next step is to choose a pump for your pre-wetting system. There are many pump options available to choose from, varying in gallons per minute (gpm) and what type of power (volts) you are looking to use. The typical pumps used for prewetting applications are 12 volt pumps that can vary in gallons per minute from 1.0 gpm to 13.0 gpm. There are other options available that include 24 volt, hydraulic, 115 volt and gas as well as different gpm.

Pump Controller

The final step is to choose a controller for your pump to complete your pre-wetting system. The controller options will vary depending on what specific pump you choose. The controller’s functions are usually a basic on / off switch that can be mounted in a truck cab for easy access. Another option would be a variable speed controller, this controller has both an on/off switch and a dial knob that controls the speed of the motor which regulates the pump flow.

Pre-Wetting Configuration Request Form

Dimensional Drawings

80 Gallon V-Box
80 Gallon V-Box
100 Gallon V-Box
100 Gallon V-Box
100 Gallon Tailgate
100 Gallon Tailgate
200 Gallon Tailgate
200 Gallon Tailgate