Skid Mounted Dust Control

Dust Control is a big business in many areas. Towns may have upwards of 100 miles of dirt/gravel roads. Under Federal law, the EPA mandates the size and particulate matter that may leave any site. Using a Brine to maintain moisture levels in the road bed is a common practice. Doing this stops particulate matter from leaving the surface, putting a halt to rutting and reducing overall maintenance on dirt and gravel roads.

Unpaved roads are dust storms waiting to happen. Dust in the air is not healthy to breath, not easy to see through and makes everything dirty around it including the vegetation. And this is not only a road problem. Dust is also a problem for…

  • Race Tracks
  • Horse Arenas
  • Fair Grounds
  • Rodeos
  • Dog Shows
  • Army Camps
  • Dirt Airports
  • Farms
  • Dumps
  • Construction Sites
  • Anywhere there is a lot of traffic on un-stabilized ground

For many years, “Dust Control” was done with bags of flaked calcium and then followed up with crude watering, now with a system like ours, the process takes one step and a provides uniform coverage across the roads’ surface. It is generally believed that it take about 1000 gallons of a brine  per mile.


To control the dust, a large amount of liquid is applied to the ground in such quantity that it saturates the ground and maintains a moisture level for some time without producing mud. We supply skidded sprayers designed to deliver the liquid of choice to the ground in a uniform manner that will saturate the ground evenly. Our skids have transport tanks, gas powered poly pumps, electric valve, on/off controls and spray bar with nozzles. There are a variety of sizes available to fit your needs. Some are made for pick-up trucks while larger units are used in the back of dump trucks. Smaller ones can be installed on all terrain vehicles when smaller areas like horse arena’s are being sprayed. Our systems are made on Poly Skids, utilizing poly pumps and poly tanks, all to eliminate the problems of corrosion from some of the liquids that can be sprayed.

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