Skid Mounted De-Icing

Liquids have become a favorite de-icing and anti-icing agent because they don’t let ice form a bond with the road surface. Because the liquids are sprayed directly on the roads before or during snow storms, the dangerous snow and ice conditions are dramatically reduced, improving driving conditions. Many of our units assembled in the 90’s are still in use today because they are so well made.

Reliable & Long Lasting

As you see below, we offer many sizes of tanks and other transfer pumping components. This gives us the flexibility our customer’s need. Depending on your resources and output needs, there are many different setups Central Equipment can provide. A common setup (see image) includes:
  • Bulk storage tank
  • Transfer pumping system
  • Skidded applicator tank and pump

The volume of liquid each customer may need varies. Landscapers that do winter snow plowing and liquid salt brine de-icing may not be able to use a full truckload of 4500 gallons, so smaller tank sets are useful.

If a large quantity is needed for larger operations, purchasing liquid by the truckload is the most cost-effective method as the larger the tank, the lower the cost of the product. For this reason, we offer 3000-gallon tanks, which can be moved without cranes or other material handling equipment. Multiple tank systems are available in case different liquids are being used that need to be stored separately.

Can't find the exact size you're looking for? Don't worry, we make custom systems of nearly all tank sizes! All you have to do is Request a Quote indicating your desired tank size.