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535 Gallon Titan System Tank

TITAN 1300 Gallon Cradle System Tank

TITAN 3000 Gallon System Tank

Our 535 Gallon1300 Gallon, and 3000 Gallon Titan Systems are often used for de-icing, dust control, and fire suppressing for transferring and distributing liquid including water, salt brine, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and sometimes mixed with molasses and beet juice, which changes the melting point.

* De-icer: towns, villages, construction, contractors, snowplow workers, home owners (smaller system possibly) with salt brine or a mixture including chloride
* Dust Control: home builders, construction, contractors, rock quarries, landscapers, railroads, college & university landscaping maintenance, farmers
* Fire suppressant: railroads, fire stations, DEC (Dept of Environment Conservation) for forest fire control or wild fire control