Thread Sealants

Banjo thread sealants are putty compounds applied to threaded pipe joints before connection for watertight, airtight, or pressure-tight seals. In addition to preventing leaks, the sealants can also help to prevent contamination.


  • Fast drying, flexible set designed for high vibration environments
  • Teflon™ has been added to enhance thread lubrication during assembly and break out
  • 2 oz tube or 8 oz can with brush in the cap
  • Conforms to TT-S-1732
Thread Sealants
RS21 Rectorseal® No. 21™ 8 oz Can
RSTB Rectorseal® Tru-Blu™ 8 oz Can
RSTB-2 Rectorseal® Tru-Blu™ 2 Oz Tube