Ice Master® W-Series


The Ice Master® W-Series is ideal for applying liquid brine on walkways and close-up to building entries. This compact, walk-behind unit is equipped with two lithium ion batteries, a heavy duty spray wand, and a stainless frame.


  • Rust-Armour™ Stainless Frame: No rust. No corrosion. This guarantees years of unmatched service.
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Spray Wand with Swivel: Comes with 10′ of hose. Ideal for steps and entries.
  • Rechargeable 12 Volt Pump System: Equipped with a 110V charger and 12V car charger.
  • Removeable Batteries: Place them in your truck between jobs to keep them out of cold weather and increase the battery life.
  • Adjustable Front Spray Nozzle: Sprays 32” to 62” wide for different width sidewalks.