8007 Series Diaphragm Bypass Pump – 12VDC W/ Electrical Package


  • Self priming up to 8 vertical feet (2.4m)
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • Internal bypass
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Built in on/off switch included
  • 2 Pin connector on Power leads
  • Available w/ or without integral fuse
  • Rocker switch protected from the elements by a clear boot

These new models include an aesthetically pleasing molded assembly, housing a rocker-type manual switch with international on/off switch symbols. Wiring is neatly routed into the molded assembly through form fitting entries, and strain relieved inside the housing. Fused versions come with an automatic type fuse housed under a snug fitting cap marked “fuse” Non-fused versions have a raised section.

Model Description
8007-543-850 Bypass Pump w/ Electrical Package 1.8 GPM open flow, Viton® valves, Santoprene® diaphragm, 45 PSI Bypass with Elect. Pkg., 3/8" NPT-Female ports w/ Manual Switch & 2 Pin Connector and Fuse, Poly Housing