Medium Duty PVC Lay Flat Discharge Hose (Brown)

Applications: Discharge hose for water, light chemicals, and pumping service in the agricultural, rental, construction, mining, marine, and irrigation industries. Recommended for open-end discharge, connect to the discharge side of the pump system only.

Construction: Tube / cover are PVC, reinforced with 3 ply polyester yarns, one longitudinal ply and two spiral plies. Both tube / cover are extruded simultaneously to obtain maximum bonding.

Features: Strong, lightweight, non-water absorbing, and mildew proof hose that rolls flat for easy storage. Resistant to oils, grease, many chemicals, and acids.

Flame Resistant: USMSHA IC-150/1

Temperature Range: -5˚F to 130˚F

W.P.: Applicable @ 70˚F.

Assemblies available upon request.

WARNING: Coupling shank type and method of attachment can reduce working pressure of the assembly to less than the hose’s maximum working pressure.

13030014 1-1/2” 150# 63.9#
13030022 2” 150# 84.9#